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   Classical Chinese Medicine, Astrology, Dreamwork

     Holistic Approach to Today’s Most Challenging Health Problems

 Yelena Katsen's astrology consultations are based on insight which can help a client to live his/her life fully and use all potentials and possibilities of a natal chart. Yelena does not predict events or tell a client what to do. She will help to make a decision which will lead to a positive change in a client's life. 

Yelena will not diagnose during Medical Astrology consultations. You will need to see a medical doctor for a medical diagnosis. Yelena will use the wisdom of Classical Chinese Medicine to help you choosing the best holistic modalities to improve your wellbeing. Yelena Katsen is licensed to practice Chinese Medicine and can give you an advice from Chinese Medicine perspective.

An astrological consultation is based on your questions, current needs and concerns. Each reading includes your natal chart analysis, progressions and transits to see what you are going through at this particular moment of your life and how astrology can help you to evolve.

The consultation fee is $145.

If you do not have a particular question or concern, you can choose to analyze your natal chart or have a forecast for your coming astrological new year.

   Your natal (birth) chart can be analyzed in depth along with the progressed moon and sun chart. Yelena can look at your Solar return chart (when the Sun returns to its natal position every year) and the transits of the year. Yelena can analyze your health tendencies using medical astrology tools, and her medical knowledge and experience being a Chinese Medicine Practitioner.

   The readings are focused and driven by your current needs and questions. Once you have particular questions and concerns, or seeking an advice, the astrological consultation will focus on them.

Below is information about what types of readings are offered, with explanations what each reading is going to accomplish.

                                                                         Birth Chart Analysis

   Your birth chart will help you to understand yourself better, discover who you are, and transform your weaknesses into your strengths. Yelena will help you to resolve the issues and patterns of your life, and be true to yourself. What will be discussed in your natal chart analysis:

o Your strengths and weaknesses.

o The type of people you are drawn to.

o Why you react to situations in the way that you do.

o Challenges inherent to your astrological makeup.

o The careers to which you are best suited.

o The key to your full potential.

o How each planet leaves its individual mark on you.

o Your true potential and destined path in life.


Solar Return Analysis

    From your forecast (Solar Return chart and Transits) you can determine:

o General overview of the current period, and how each planet leaves its individual mark on you right now. Your current potential.
o Whether or not it is a good time to make changes, advance in your career, etc.
o The current expected situation with matters of the heart.
o Financial matters.
o Home life, starting a family, etc.
o Specific topics that are causing your concern.
o Events that have already taken place or are due, can also be analyzed.


Progressed Moon and Sun Chart Analysis

    There is something in Astrology called the Progressed Moon. The Progressed Moon points the “phase” in your life you are going through. The Progressed Moon shows us the area of life which needs to be change because our Soul requires it.

The progressed Sun indicates significant and fundamental shifts in how we experience our sense of self. Both Progressed Moon and Sun reflect deep inner world processes.

Event Chart analysis

The Event Chart analysis helps you to get an advice and make a decision about a specific event in your life and choose the best possible day and time in order for the even to have a positive outcome. As an addition to the event reading, we are going to look at your natal chart and transits of the year.


Medical Astrology Reading

Medical Astrology reading will help you to understand your health tendencies and how to improve your health. Yelena, using her knowledge and experience in Chinese Medicine, will give you an advice.


If you are interested in Chinese Medicine treatment after astrological consultation, we offer a special package for you:

Medical Astrology Consultation($165) with Chinese Medicine Consultation and Acupuncture treatment($145). Each of the consultations is going to be scheduled separately because each of them requires up to 75 min. 

Package price is $285

If you want to schedule an appointment with Yelena, please, send a request to [email protected] (please no phone calls). Please, submit your name, date of birth, place of birth and time of birth after you paid for the service on pay for services page. An office or Zoom appointment will be scheduled after Yelena receives the payment from you. Yelena can see you in her Cornwall, NY, office if you live locally, or we can have an astrological consultation through Zoom. When you scheduled an appointment, and Yelena started to prepare your chart, the session can not be cancelled for a refund. If you need to reschedule, please, do it within 48 hours of your appointment. If you will cancel in less than 48 hours, the full amount of your payment for the service will be applied towards the cancellation fee.