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   Classical Chinese Medicine, Astrology, Dreamwork

     Holistic Approach to Today’s Most Challenging Health Problems

Chinese Herbal Medicine

   Chinese Herbology is one of the most powerful modalities of Oriental medicine. Chinese herbs are very safe when prescribed by a knowledgeable, certified practitioner. Herbs can enhance the efficacy of most treatments, and are extremely beneficial for most problems. In Chinese Medicine we mostly never use singular herbs but a combination of them, where each patient is given his or her specific formula. Each herb in a formula plays an important role. Some herbs act as chief players; some enhance the function of the chief ones; others act as assistants and moderators between different herbs in a formula, balancing out their effects. A well-made formula simultaneously treats both symptoms and constitutional patterns.

    In Chinese Medicine we never treat a disease, but an individual. Each person is diagnosed based on a series of questions, observation and pulse palpations to determine his or her diagnosis. For example, three people can walk into a practitioner’s office with diabetes, but for each of them an individual formula will be composed, based on the patient’s diagnostic pattern and a fact that each of those patients “arrived” to diabetes via different routes.

    Yelena Katsen creates individual formulas for each of her patients depending on their constitution, body types, presenting symptoms and a cause of their pathology. Her goal is to restore balance in the body, mind and spirit, using a powerful remedy created by Nature. Being different from synthetic drugs, which cause a lot of side effects and could lead to new health problems, herbs are natural cure which harmonizes body energies and promotes healing. The effects of each formula on an individual will be carefully monitored and adjusted during each session. Chinese herbs are wonderful medicine for all forms of physical and emotional concerns.

Herbs are available in different forms:

Raw herbs: Raw herbs are boiled in hot water and taken as a tea. This is the strongest, most effective way to take herbs. 

Extract powder or granulated herbs: These herbs are less potent than raw herbs, but more convenient way of taking herbs, since they come in powdered form and are taken by dissolving them in warm or hot water.

Patent herbal formulas average price is from $30-$40.

Custom-made herbal formulas (unique constitutional formulas created by a Master Herbalist)-the average price is from $45 to $65. 

Patent Herbal Formulas: These are readily-made common formulas which are available in as pills, capsules or tablets. They tend to be less expensive and are more convenient to take than other forms, although they are not as potent as either raw or granulated herbs.

The average coast is from $17 to $20.

Topical Applications: There are herbal oils, liniments and plasters for pain conditions which are applied topically. In addition, there are topical formulas for cuts, burns, skin conditions as well as skin disinfectants.