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   Classical Chinese Medicine, Astrology, Dreamwork

     Holistic Approach to Today’s Most Challenging Health Problems

Life Coaching Through Dreamwork FAQ

What to expect from a session? If there is a particular dream or a series of dreams that brings you to the session, we’ll work with that using a way that resonates with you, the dreamer, the best. It could be looking at myths and fairy tales. It could be re-creating the dream through a series of exercises, walking through the dream and interacting with the characters in the dream. It could be making masks of characters that leave powerful impressions in the dream. And if you know that you’re dreaming but having problems remembering dreams, we can work on how to improve your dream recollection. Also, at the end of the session you will be given homework.

Homework? Yes, as a result of your session there will be homework for you based on what was discovered during the session. It will be light and very creative homework. And, of course, there will be no grades or pop-up quizzes. It's entirely up to you whether or not to do the homework. However, I strongly believe that actively doing dreamwork between sessions makes one's progress so much faster. I think that often very little progress is made precisely because of the inactivity between sessions.

Is any dream OK to work with? Yes, there are no bad or good dreams, new or old dreams. We’ll work from a point of view that dreams never were, they always are. A dream is alive even if you had it ten years ago.

Why even pay attention to my dreams? Whatever might be hidden in your mind when you’re awake, becomes alive in dreams – fears, desires, important insights, just to name a few. We tend to brush those things aside when awake for variety of reasons – society, family, some things are traumatic and we don’t want to deal with them, and etc. Yet, the dream is the source of the truth. Things can no longer be brushed aside in the dream. You’re honest to yourself in the dream. The dream-you is saying to the awake-you, ‘hey, buddy, pay attention to this! Listen to me!’ And that’s especially true for reoccurring dreams and nightmares, where the dream-you is no longer simply saying, but screaming and pinching your skin, ‘PAY ATTENTION! DO NOT IGNORE ME!’

In addition, working with dreams allow us to process and release traumatic experiences, and help with conditions such as PTSD.

How many sessions will I need? As many as you’d like. Even a short dream can expand to something larger as it’s being worked with. Only you, the dreamer, will know when to stop working with a dream. Only you know how far you’d like to go, or when to take a break and maybe come back to a dream at a later time.

What is the session pricing? A 45-minute office, face-to-face visit is $100. A 45-minute Zoom session is $100.

What are the payment methods? Cash, credit cards, or PayPal are accepted. Note that if you are using credit card or PayPal, sessions should be paid for before beginning of the sessions. Cash is accepted at the office. Credit cards are accepted at the office or call 646-549-8745, so we can run your card. PayPal payments should be sent to [email protected] PayPal account, or use Pay For Services page

Veterans and Emergency personnel discount (military, law enforcement, firefighters, paramedics, etc.)  - $80 per session. 

How do Zoom sessions work? A Zoom session format is just like that of an office session (see What to expect from a dream session on this page), only from the safety of your own home considering the current COVID-19 pandemic. Once you schedule and pay for your session, you will be emailed a Zoom meeting info. Please test your Internet connection by joining 5 minutes prior to the meeting time.

How do I schedule a session? Please go to the Contact Us page for contact and scheduling information.